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What's a kimiya anyway?

Right Brain

Left Brain




[keh-mī-yuh] or {kim ī yah}; like papaya with a 'K'

The name itself means unique and alchemy.

Having grown up in the Bay Area and lived all over this Golden State, I can honestly say that I love California more than Leslie Knope loves Pawnee. Much of my creative process and inspiration for many of my design philosophies are influenced by our diverse state. 


Whether you are a native Californian, a nomadic transfer or a temporary tourist,  two distinct things that are easy to pick up on quickly about what this state has to offer, is that it's people and it's land oozes with abundance in both creativity and resources. California has a little bit of the best of everything geographically. As a leader in GDP, California cultivates the best of the world's leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, educators and communicators.


My purpose is to run and play creatively and help other's find freedom to do the same. I'm just a creative California coconut. My desire is three fold really,

1.  RUN: hand craft and curate unique necessities that find their way into your heart and home that function to help you live life artfully. 

            {this would be the PRODUCTs section on my menu tab}

2. PLAY: to cultivate a community of creatives who find and inspire creative freedom on all levels of the human experience spirit, soul and body.

{this would be the Services section on my menu tab}

3. S p l a s h  is where the magical Alchemy for Artrepreneurs culminates. 

My taunting instigation & invitation:

Wanna Run & Play together?

Let's Dance.





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