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Home School Workshops

Once a home educator always a home educator. 


After years of home schooling and partnering with educational co-operatives, there's nothing like seeing the light bulb of brilliance click on in the mind of student as they discover a creative outlet to express their inner selves.


Give your school's students hands on experience with FINE ART. 

Allow us to help them Run & Play Constuctively and Productively with their natural bent for creativity.


Contact us to customize a class workshop or series of art classes.

Retreat Workshops

Nothing hits the Refresh Button like a relaxing retreat. Let us do all the work in creating an oasis with the adventure of creativity for you and your friends. 


R&R is a Necessary Necessity for sure. Doing all the work on your own is Unnecessary.


 Contact us so we can craft a customized Artist Creativity Retreat for you and your group.

Corporate Workshops

Let us design a hands-on Team Building Event for your employees and watch their morale and productivity move out of the box and witness your revenues expand as a result.


Please contact us to collaborate or coordinate a corporate workshop to awaken your staff to creative problem solving & inspire new creativity in marketing and sales.

Wanna Run & Play Together?

We are all created with an innate necessity to CrEaTe and be cReATiVe!  If you've been out of touch with that part of yourself, let us help you discover or recover that aspect of who you are meant to be.


"Creativity is giving oneself the FREEDOM to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."  ~author unknown

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