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Blood, Sweat & Tears?

I can't express the full extent of how excited I am about this new line of 

Tear Drop Pottery. 

As we bring 2015 to a close and reflect back on this year, here is where my inspiration comes from:

The Necessary

Blood: As a nation, our armed forces, and our police officers have dealt with so much blood shed. 

Sweat: As an entrepreneur, business and land owner in California, and being that California is number eight in world economies as a state alone, we are sweating the drought and it's impact on our economy and the necessary necessity is more 'wet' not more sweat.

Tears:  A friend of mine had 7 loved ones pass away this year. She is not one to be quick to cry, yet the flood gates opened and she has been gushing at too much to contain. To comfort and console her, I gave her the first of my new design line with a note that said, "Something to put your tears in, to give a flower a drink with." Of course she burst into more tears, as she had just read, that morning, some where in her bible about how God takes account of our wanderings; and keeps our every tear in a bottle.

This tiny tear drop is a vase

I am working on a blue glaze for the same line so 'Blood, Sweat & Tears' or 'Blood, Wet & Tears' can have a patriotic bent in this up and coming election year. For now the red and white is just fun as we get ready to celebrate Chirstmas and then Valentine's. 

The Unnecessary 

On a more light hearted note, I could l just leave it there, however, I have also had a year of ups and downs in experimenting with clay and glazes. I am just tickled and thrilled at every aspect of this line. Yes, I have touted that I like my #PearlsAndPottery #BumpyAndLumpy but these are such clean lines. Pottery should feel just as comfy as it is visually esthetic. To me, when you typically use pottery, you are waking up to your day and still in cozy mode. You are not sitting prim and proper at an afternoon tea with your pinky finger pointing out surveying the crumpets. My fine china painting is represented on a different page of my website. If Goldie Locks herself bought a set of this Tear Drop Pottery she would say that in her hand they feel 'just right.' You don't have to be a child to feel enchanted by them though, as my husband is quite manly and has large manly hands and he said the same.

Lastly, the white is so clean and crisp, yet the I am some what of an aficionado on red. My motto is, "Give us this day our Daily RED."  If you are a potter, an interior designer, a BMW car manufacturer (sorry Ferrari), or a painter of any sort, you know how crazy it can be to get the correct shade and tone of red. I typically charge extra for pottery pieces that I fire with red glazes because the process is more expensive. As a china painter, the red pigment itself is more expensive. Being beyond a red enthusiast, you can imagine the squealing yelps that came from me when I finally accomplished mixing a glaze that hits my perfection zone. The super fun thrill is,  I can actually get this as never before, in my own kiln. Without getting all scientific, I have an electric kiln and supposedly reds do not fire well in electric combustion. Reds glaze better in gas combustion kilns. It has something to do with the chemistry chart and the color spectrum and the interaction with electric heat verses gaseous heat.

Click Here if you'd like to shop for some of our Tear Drop Pottery.

While I won’t give you my secrete recipe I can list some of the tools and companies I like for what I was able to accomplish. And by the way, we love the Cuisinart coffee maker and the Kangan water filter listed below...

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