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Top 5 Necessities to get ready for Stranger Things Second Season

Updated: May 30, 2018

Anyone else totally stoked about the Netflix exclusive series Stranger Things releasing it's second season this coming Friday, October 27th?

1. First and foremost, you probably need to have watched all 8 episodes of season 1 of Stranger Things. This probably means you have actually watched all 8 episodes more than once, considering the long wait for the release of season 2. Be honest...How many times have you watched it? How many newbie people have you experienced it with for their first time? The good news is there are a few more days before it is available, so call in sick to work and cancel unnecessary plans if you have to to binge watch it before Friday! I wonder if the traffic will be so crazy that we'll crash the site?

2. Make sure you don't have any open wounds. Rip off any bandaids and pour some lavender essential oils on those booboos.  Remember, it (whatever it is) likes raw meat and can pick up the scent of blood from who knows how far away. It's probably the one excusable day to become vegan...if you plan to binge watch the next season all day Friday. If you plan to break up your viewing pleasure over an extended period of time, then I  highly recommend supplementing with a good source of protein powder, like the one Bulletproof Coffee has. Ooooh! Coffee can help you stay up for the long hall of binge watching Stranger Things as well. How strategic to throw some protein powder in there for sustainability.

3. "Leggo My Eggos!" So we decided to throw an all day binge watching party and that was the quote I texted in our party planning group text thread. Of course someone, who will remain nameless because he is a famous DP in the film industry, objected to serving real Eggo Waffles and wanted to have home made waffles because they taste wayyy better and cost less. But that sucks and totally ruins the whole point. You have to feed 11 the real deal, not some healthy, fibered up version of home made waffles. She did not get fancy by adding strawberries or whipped cream to her waffles. This is not Shrek, Donkey! You can make your own waffles and watch on your own Netflix account by yourself. 

4. Put up the Lights! Oh my goodness, long gone are the days when we need walkie talkies or smoke signals and battery operated radios for emergency preparedness kits. Just forget about Mores code. We just need to know how to spell correctly. And we probably could use an oxygen mask and tank if we are out shape, so we can RUN!

5. Whether you are advocating for justice for Barb or just wanting to get into the Hawkins AV Club, here is some great UNNECESSARY merch you might find to be a

desired NECESSITY. 

But seriously, please leave a comment with your thoughts on Stranger Things and Please SHARE your party plan ideas. 

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