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Floral Vase Ceramic Pottery Handmade Red Teardrop

Floral Vase Ceramic Pottery Handmade Red Teardrop


Collecting Tears in a Bottle?

Small slender teardrop vase in rich red.

Sometimes life spills, pours, drips, gushes, trickles, bursts, and floods us.
Although an Unnecessary Necessity,  we felt it would help if you had something to catch it in, so you can sip and savor it, drink it up and splash some back if you feel inclined.

Have you ever had a friend that cared so much that they collected your tears in a bottle?

Have you ever danced so free that your spirit has swooshed the winds of the clouds to make it rain? 

Has your heart ever swelled up with so much gratitude that the only way to savor, capture and respond to the moment was to gush some deeply dug happy tears of joy?

This mug has often been given as a vase for condolences and or congratulations.

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