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Leaf But Don't Leave Me Earrings

Leaf But Don't Leave Me Earrings


Broke up with a guy in high school and heard him playing this Pink Floyd song after. 


Pan forward 28 years later and I'm doing an improv workshop in my art studio with some girlfriends, one of which is leaving us for a guy in another country. They are getting married on my wedding anniversary and I get the honor of being one of her bridesmaids. She is pretty much stuck with us for life...I don't do disposable relations. 


She came up with the idea for these light weight leather leaf shaped earrings and knew we could DIY them in my studio. 


Alexandra Chin Pawnee will never be the same without you, but may all those who's ears bear the dangling of these earrings having constant ticklings of forever friendships that run and swim in deep waters of life and light hearted puns. 

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