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#CreatedToCreate Music Video

Lauren Roberts is a professional vocalist-composer-producer. Bradley Deruiter is my rockstar-secretary-spouse. They are both my irreplaceable buddies and together they composed and produced the song Created To Create. This song was hatched from Lauren's response to my children's book that invites and stimulates the creative process in both young and old souls, to simply enjoy making stuff up.

The song itself will be availible soon on both Lauren's as well as Brad's music websites. There is talk of producing an entire album of children's songs and music to accompany the other book projects in the works: Growing Up On a Farm and Hedgehog the Bed-Hog.

Keep on the look out for updates @


Nathan Johnson is a published novelist, film producer and wedding videographer. He also happens to be a great guy with an incredible smile and is one of my SuperHeros!

Nathan filmed and edited this music video from the footage taken at my book signing extravaganza.

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To experience Nathan Johnson's other work please check out what he is doing at these links:

To Purchase your own copy of The Creatively Imagined Explanation of Gabriel's Blue Giraffe, please visit our Giraffe Gear Store HERE.

By the way, there are no rules to throwing a book signing party to help launch a newly published book. However I do recommend as an Artrepreneur, that you get involved with a group of like minded business leaders who are intent on having fun and changing the world together. The group of friends who organized and hosted my debut author celebration are cherished instigators of doing life together. Here are a few things about the caliber of people that I have the privilege of running with for whom I am forever grateful...RaeLynne Johnson, is an amazing author, public speaker, educator and project planner. Soraya Rondon can make anything beautiful and is an artrepreneur and event coordinator at A Soiree to Remember. Kristina Brace can help you unlock your dreams and get going on doing them at Dream Journey Studio. Dr. Diane Wigstone almost does not have an accolade that she can not put beside her name; she creates endless content to help others do their destiny at Destiny Center. Barbara Peters is the gorgeous and extraordinary singer with an equally gorgeous husband who together have built countless schools, businesses and humanitarian programs such as the ICAN Children's Village in South Africa. 

We are united and fearless in the understanding that we are all Created To Create and that it certainly is more fun to make stuff up with collaborative buddies. We call it Running and Playing Together. 

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